The design of this floor lamp is simple and elegant without any needless things. The silver color of the floor lamp makes it full of more modern design elements. The adjustable joints can allow you to adjust the height, length of this modern design lamp. Also a 4-step dimmer can allow you adjust the intensity to the right lighting you need.

Product Features:

  •     4-step dimmer, which can help you adjust the intensity of the bulbs according to your requests.
  •     6 individual efficient LED lights, the power of each is 9 watts. Each LED bulb can burn at about 4500 degrees Kelvin, which can create the intensity of the natural daylight white.
  •     3 pivot joints can allow the lights to be shaped at many different heights, lengths and angels.
  •     A flat base can avoid accidental tripping.
  •     Including a plug-in with 6-foot cord

What others are saying about?

The I-Tower High Power LED Floor Lamp is fantastic. It can be used in any situation in the dark, for reading, sewing etc. The design is great. It is well made. I’m using it for reading novels at night. It is efficient. It’s worth buying it.


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