Antiques can decorate your room with its classical beauty. As one essential part of home furniture, antique floor lamps can bring mature beauty and the elegance to your interior room or space. Now many manufactures have designed many antique floor lamps for you to choose, because antique style represents a trend of fashion. And a well-designed antique floor lamp can match other antique home décor well.

In fact, it’s difficult to find the true antique floor lamps, which are more expensive depending on their design and history. Antique floor lamps normally have a glided base and stained-glasses or ornate. Don’t like contemporary floor lamps’ simplicity, antique floor lamps are all ornate. The antique brass is the most reprehensive finish in floor lamps. Of course, these are reproduction lamps.

Using restoration technique to produce antique floor lamps and adding modern lighting technology to make antique floor lamps more functional can make antique floor lamps bring back to life. They are not copies. They have useful and ornamental functions.antique floor lamps

A popular antique floor lamp restoration technique is to replace the electrical workings with contemporary parts to make these lamps safer and more functional. Converting a vintage floor lamp into a halogen or a compressed fluorescent floor lamp combines the benefits of modern lighting technology with the beauty of antique design.

However, when we choose antique floor lamps, we don’t care about their lights much more. We need more aesthetic beautify not more practical functions. A well-designed antique floor lamp can make your feel satisfied with its image when you see it and can accentuates other furniture around it. And the tone of antique floor lamps can warm your room and can better blend in with other the dark wood furniture.


If your space is full of brass detailing or some dark wood and warm fabric tones in your furniture, it’s a good idea to choose antique floor lamps. They are not only a reproduction floor lamps but can blend in with the same style furniture.

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