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This modern floor lamp comes from the Coaster Brand. Accent Metal Shade Floor Lamp – Coaster 901199 is a contemporary arc shaped Modern Floor Lamp, which design is full of modern art. This arc shaped Modern Floor Lamp can make a bold statement at home. This modern floor lamp not only has a graceful form but also features an arc stem which can reduce in diameter over the floor lamp’s entire height. A strong metallic finish, the artistic shade and form make this floor lamp Coaster 901199 sheenier, which can bring much admiration from your guests. Also, for decoration, this item can make an addition to your room, and make your room full of art.

I have bought this Accent Metal Shade Floor Lamp – Coaster 901199.  It looks great. Without much effort, I assemble all the parts easily. No part is broken because of well packed. The height and size is just perfect for my living room. This floor lamp can easily fit my 8′ ceiling. The floor lamp’s base is heavy enough to hold the unbalanced stem and lamp. The price on Amazon is cheap, only $91.55 (original price: $250). It is a big discount. At local store, this price can’t not be found. I am so happy that I bought it on Amazon.

Add Modern Floor Lamps to Your Spaces

With Contemporary or Modern Floor lamps, your office space or residential space can be decorated inviting beauty. Modern Floor lamps are well designed and the craftsmanship is also much better than imaging. Using Modern Floor Lamps to intersperse through other room elements represent the best modern brands and designers, such as track lighting, chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling fans is a good idea.

Many modern designs of Modern floor lamps can create the atmosphere full of art that you want. The design, the materials and the intensity of modern floor lamps can make you have a wide range to choose from according to your desires.

Of course, choose the top band not only means good quality but well designs and good customer service.

Here, we got many floor lamps for you:

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Industrial Task Floor Lamp

This industrial taks floor lamp can emit a warm glow. 2 pivot joints can allow you to adjust the height and direction of this Industrial Task Floor Lamp. You can place it in your workplace or your bedroom for working or studying.

This modern floor lamp’s design is simple and clease. There are much coloa you can choose: black, white etc.

Industrial Task Floor Lamp Product Features:

  • Iron tubing, polished nickel finish base.
  • Adjust arm to two angles
  • Using cord to On-Off switch
  • Height: 68.5″; width: 15.5″;
  • 13W Compact Fluorescent light bulb (CFL) included
  • Easily assembly required.
  • Wipe clean.
  • UL listed.
  • Imported.

Industrial Task Floor Lamp3

Industrial Task Floor LampIndustrial Task Floor Lamp2

Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

This is an adjustable metal modern floor lamp. It allows you to adjust in height to provide enough light for your need. It can be one part of your furnitures. The design of this floor lamp is clean and elegant. The cap is white.

The  product features are blow:

  • The Base is made of Iron with high-polish nickel finish.
  • The Shade is made of White polyester, like a cotton drum.
  • The base is adjustable.
  • Clear cord for on-off pull on sockets
  • Height: 58″ to 70″; width: 18″
  • 2 13W Compact Fluorescent light bulb (CFL) included
  • Assembly required
  • Imported
  • Wipe clean
  • UL listed

Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

The design of this floor lamp is simple and elegant without any needless things. The silver color of the floor lamp makes it full of more modern design elements. The adjustable joints can allow you to adjust the height, length of this modern design lamp. Also a 4-step dimmer can allow you adjust the intensity to the right lighting you need.

Product Features:

  •     4-step dimmer, which can help you adjust the intensity of the bulbs according to your requests.
  •     6 individual efficient LED lights, the power of each is 9 watts. Each LED bulb can burn at about 4500 degrees Kelvin, which can create the intensity of the natural daylight white.
  •     3 pivot joints can allow the lights to be shaped at many different heights, lengths and angels.
  •     A flat base can avoid accidental tripping.
  •     Including a plug-in with 6-foot cord

What others are saying about?

The I-Tower High Power LED Floor Lamp is fantastic. It can be used in any situation in the dark, for reading, sewing etc. The design is great. It is well made. I’m using it for reading novels at night. It is efficient. It’s worth buying it.


This Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp comes from IKEA. The design is simple and modern. This modern floor lamp can emit a soft mood light, which make your room full of warmness.

The shade of this Ikea Orgel Floor Lamp is made of Paper Tube. The paper tube is handmade.  Each shade of this floor lamp is unique. The Base plate is made of Steel, Brush finish nickel-plated, Clear lacquer.  The bulb is ordinary energy saving lamp, which can save energy and money for you. On the other hand, if it’s broken after a long time use, it’s easy for you to change another one.

This modern floor lamp can be added to any room, such as bedroom, living room etc. The base late is small; don’t occupy much area of your room. This floor lamp on Amazon is only $33.99.  Many people have purchase it for their room lighting, and give it 4.3 out of 5 stars. This modern lamp is elegant and highly recommended to have one for your room lighting decoration.